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Greater Odisha would be primarily about Odisha, though we would also have stuff from the rest of the world. Greater Odisha would endeavor to cover the entire gamut of issues – politics, industry, education, art & culture, entertainment, environment, crime –from across the world, but the focus would be on the state of Odisha. Greater Odisha is committed to maintaining the highest standards of journalism and would scrupulously avoid editorializing while reporting the news.

We are enthusiastic about imparting wisdom, concepts, and experiences to our readers. Our goal is to establish a platform where people from all walks of life can come together to discuss a variety of issues because we believe that the power of words and information can inspire, educate, and entertain.

Our team of devoted authors and contributors provides you with fascinating information across a range of genres along with pieces that will get you thinking. No matter what topic interests you—technology, travel, leisure, health and wellness, or anything else—we work hard to give you useful content that satisfies your needs and improves your quality of life.
We value guest contributions because we recognize that each person has a distinctive viewpoint to offer. We value encouraging a sense of community and teamwork, and we invite guest writers to work with us to build a lively and diverse platform. We would be interested in hearing from you if you have a special viewpoint, domain-specific knowledge, or an engaging tale to share.